Yang (self)

About : Works

  • A passionate software engineer living in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Lead Software Engineer in iCHEF

I enjoy the quest of coding in software architecture and programming paradigms with smart team. I build web services since 2006 and currently implement virtualization service on hypervisors and cloud.



  • Coding
  • Agile Teamwork
  • Full Web Stack
  • Cloud & Virtualization

I am founder and co-organizer of, largest local Python user group in Taiwan. We hold several events every month featured for Python coders of every level.


I use and contribute to Open Source communities.I make patch, fire issue, or send pull-request when I can. GitHub


  • Alog: Expected awesome logging defaults.
  • p2: Simply repeat the command when files changed on spot.
  • vim-plim: a Plim port of vim-slim plugin.



  • Speaker in PyCon AU(Australia) 2023 and PyCon TW(Taiwan) 2021, 2023
  • Review Committee in PyCon APAC(Asia Pacific) 2022 and PyCon TW 2019~2021
  • Speaker in PyCon US 2018 and Web Lead in PyCon TW 2018
  • Speaker in PyCon JP(Japan) 2017, TW 2017, and APAC/MY(Malaysia) 2017
  • Sprint Coordinator and Speaker in PyCon TW 2016
  • Chairperson in PyCon APAC/TW 2015
  • Speaker in PyCon JP 2014, COSCUP 2014, and PyCon APAC/TW 2014
  • Web Chair in PyCon APAC 2014
  • Web Lead and speaker in PyCon TW 2013
  • Speaker in PyCon TW 2013 and WebConf TW 2013
  • Volunteer in PyCon TW 2012
  • Speaker and volunteer in PycTW 2011 and 2008